Sims-Mitchell House sketch

Tempur-Pedic® Bedding at the Sims-Mitchell House

By Henry and Patricia Mitchell

Tempur-Pedic® Facts, Briefly

Tempur-Pedic material

NASA developed the material to enhance astronaut comfort and safety.

The material is described as “viscoelastic, open-celled, temperature-sensitive, and 100% energy absorptive.”

Tempur-Pedic® adapted the material as bedding which relieves “pressure points,” thereby increasing the comfort level, reducing tossing and turning, and thus greatly enhancing the sleep experience.

Our Experience, Your Experience

Tempur-Pedic bedding

We opened our home in Chatham, Virginia as a bed and breakfast for over 20 years, 1985-2006. For the last five years of that period, we ourselves slept on Tempur-Pedic® bedding (see “Our Personal Experience …”), and we also provided it for one bed in each of our guest units because we are so enthusiastic about it.

Many prospective Tempur-Pedic® customers visited our establishment in order to test the bedding for a night or two before making a purchase. After sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic® bed, almost every one (actually, we can remember only one exception, and his wife had the opposite opinion!) of those guests left satisfied that a Tempur-Pedic® bed was “right” for them. And many guests who were unaware before their arrival that we offered Tempur-Pedic® bedding also made the same decision!

Unfortunately, we no longer offer B&B accommodations (see note, and related correspondence and videos), but conveniently the Tempur-Pedic® company has a directory of hotels, resorts, and B&B's which do have Tempur-Pedic® bedding. We recommend that you consult it. And if you already sleep on Tempur-Pedic® every night, and can hardly stand the thought of traveling because of the comforts left behind, that directory may also be of benefit to you!