Our Personal Experience with Tempur-Pedic®

by Henry and Patricia Mitchell, Sims-Mitchell House, Chatham, Virginia

Henry and Patricia Mitchell

Guests to our B&B and website have often asked us about our experience with Tempur-Pedic® bedding. Yes, we sleep on a Tempur-Pedic® bed, and yes, we are enthusiastic about it! But the two of us have had slightly different experiences with it.

For reference, perhaps that we should mention that we had been supremely content with our previous mattress and box spring, a high-quality quilted-top firm set, and we always commented when traveling that we would be so happy to be back home to our own bed! However, a few minutes of reclining on a showroom display model of Tempur-Pedic® bedding convinced us that this could provide a previously unimagined level of comfort.

When our new Tempur-Pedic® bedding was delivered in January 2001, Patricia took to it instantly, being absolutely happy the first night. Henry was quite physically comfortable, but didn't sleep as well at first, probably because he is much larger than Patricia, and settled more deeply into the Tempur-Pedic® material, making night-time turning a little more difficult (add to this the fact that he had been a “flailer”).

Within less than a week Henry learned to, without waking up, slide a little bit before turning, thus breaking out of the “hollow.” Plus, he now apparently was turning less anyway. So within just a few days he, too, was extremely happy with Tempur-Pedic®. He does report that he dreams more than before, and more intensely, perhaps due to better circulation (no pressure points) and/or more time spent in deep sleep. According to Tempur-Pedic® company personnel, it is a common occurrence.

One other note: Henry is a snorer, BUT using a Tempur-Pedic® pillow turned BACKWARDS (large roll at the top of the head, small roll under the neck), as demonstrated by a New York hotel concierge on one of the morning TV programs, he snores much, much less, or so says Patricia. The company did not design the pillow for that purpose, but that doesn't prevent it from working! Oh, yes, to be complete in this personal report, Patricia still prefers her standard soft pillow to the beefier Tempur-Pedic® design.

Concerning choice of bed size: When we purchased our new Tempur-Pedic® bed, we down-sized to queen from our previous king, anticipating that tossing and turning would be less. We now think we should have chosen a standard double, in spite of the fact that Henry is six-feet-plus in height. We did purchase a standard double for each of our guest units, and we have found that even though one of our units also has a king bed (traditional mattress and box spring), our larger guests often choose the smaller Tempur-Pedic® bed. We even had one very tall scholastic basketball player to abandon the king bed for the smaller Tempur-Pedic® with a glowing report afterward of how well he had slept!

Sleeping on Tempur-Pedic® bedding and having Tempur-Pedic® bedding our guest units have been very positive experiences for us. We have even been referred to as the “Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae of Tempur-Pedic® bedding!” Fair enough! We ARE in a way “mattress testers,” Henry is tall and dark-haired, Patricia is a petite blonde, and we live in the Southern hills (Virginia, not the Ozarks)! And Chatham isn't Dogpatch! We simply have tried to make it easier for our guests to sleep well, whether here or at home, with Tempur-Pedic®.

These days, however, our home is no longer open as a B&B (see note, and related correspondence and videos), so we have to refer questioners to the Tempur-Pedic® company's directory of hotels, resorts, and B&B's which offer Tempur-Pedic® bedding for their guests' use. We hope you find it helpful, and we hope you find Tempur-Pedic®!