Contract for Construction of the Sims-Mitchell House

Memorandum of Contract

Memorandum of Contract between J. M. Whittle and R. C. Saunders about construction of house at Chatham.

R. C. Saunders to build house according to plats No 1, 2, & 3, drawn by E. H. Fox. Tongue and grooved weatherboarding, frame, sheathing, cornice, windows with weights and inside blinds, including bay window, and all outside doors, include side and transom lights, to be completed by said Saunders who is to furnish on the ground all lumber and hardware — said lumber to be thoroughly seasoned and the work to be executed in first rate style — said Saunders to furnish a first rate man to superintend the building of said house, including the brickwork and roof, and to be responsible for any defect or bad workmanship in any part of said house. Said J. M. Whittle to pay for the roofing, guttering, spouting and all brickwork whatever the same may cost, and also felting, and to pay to said Saunders in addition the sum of seventeen hundred dollars in such instalments as may be necessary to carry on said work. Said house to be completed according to said plans only so far as described above — the porches and inside work not to be completed except so far as is necessary to carry out above specifications.

Witness the following signatures this sixth day of July, 1875.

R C Saunders

James M Whittle

Estimate of Costs


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