Blandwood: A Photo Album

In 1846 former North Carolina Governor John Motley Morehead contracted with architect Alexander Jackson Davis to enlarge his farmhouse in Greensboro, North Carolina, into a structure which is considered a prototype for the Italian Villa style. (Apparently discussions between Morehead and Davis had been underway for some time; Davis had published an engraving of the new Blandwood in 1844.) Blandwood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

These photographs of historic Blandwood were taken during 2001 by Henry, Sarah, David, and Jonathan Mitchell; digital editing is by Jonathan Mitchell.

Blandwood 1
Blandwood 2
Blandwood 3
Blandwood 4
Blandwood 5
Blandwood 6
Blandwood 7
Blandwood 8
Blandwood 9
Blandwood 10
Blandwood 11
Blandwood 12
Blandwood 13
Blandwood 14
Blandwood 15

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